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So long Term 3

The rumors were true. Term 3 is easy. Not easy to get an A, but not hard in the least.

Pre-midterm mostly focused on abnormal psychology with a sprinkle of human development and biostats. Post-midterm focused on psychological theories, epidemiology, jurisprudence, and medical ethics. Personally, I found the first half to be easier to prepare for midterms because the supplied notes were great. For the final, the notes provided were scarcely filled with any useful or testable information.

There were also weekly labs. While they weren’t difficult and actually help provide insights on testable material that wasn’t covered well in the notes. I hated going to each lab, but afterwards I always felt that I learned something — and lab material always showed up on tests.

The course also serves as a movie parlor! Every week there are movies shown that correlate to class material. Some are required viewing, others are not. I can’t say any movie added a point to either the midterm or the final.

My advice would be to attend every class, no matter how boring. Just sit through it so you don’t have to sonic later — the lectures can get so boring that even sonic can’t help.

This year we also got an OSCE for psychology. Two stations, each having the patient scenario on the door before you entered the room. Each station had 8 minutes allotted, which was more that enough time. In addition to all of that, we were given the scenarios and procedures weeks before to review and practice (if you wanted).

That was it. Not bad at all — but don’t let anyone tell you it’s an easy A. It’s a easy B+ for sure, but the work required to get an A might be better spent going over Pathoma and Picmonic for forth term. I was able to get though 17 hours of Pathoma and all of the gram bacteria on Picmonic. Had I worked a little harder for 4th instead of for 3rd, I could have gotten a lot farther.

Th overall impression I got from term 3 was that it was a nice break from the usual grind. It lets you ease back into school without all of the normal stress.

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