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SGU Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Despite what most people think (and what previous graduates remember about shopping in Grenada), SGU grocery stores and supermarkets are pretty decent. Three supermarkets and two bulk-buy stores are located directly off SGU bus routes. Another option for those with transportation is FoodLand — a personal favorite due to the lower prices and varied selection which you can’t find at stores closer to campus. There are several other supermarkets in the town of Saint George, but due to the fact that none of them have adequate parking I have omitted them from this list.

Supermarkets in Grenada - SGU Medical School

Supermarkets in Grenada (Click to enlarge)

In general, you can find a lot of stuff here: brand name frozen dinners, chocolates, greek yogurt, and even organic milk is shipped in from the U.S. every Thursday. The variety is pretty impressive, including some Bob’s organic gluten-free flours; however if you have some special food you really enjoy, make sure to bring plenty of it with you for your stay.

Read more about having items shipped in a barrel or container from the U.S. to Grenada in this blog post.

One thing to keep in mind about grocery shopping in Grenada is that things run out fast, and sometimes they don’t get re-stocked for days, weeks, or even months. So again, if there is something you cannot live without, bring it with you just in case. I can’t tell you how many times my husband has requested Pop-Tarts (yes, Pop-Tarts!) from friends and family back home in a care package.

For a list of items that are hard to find (or are just plain expensive here in Grenada), read this post.

Keep in mind that most stores are closed on Sundays, so if you need to get something done, do it before then,

Grocery Stores off of SGU Bus Route A — Grand Anse

Click here for a map of the SGU bus route


Closed on Sundays

Sriracha hot sauce at CK's in Grenada - Shopping at SGU

The first store on the Grand Anse bus route is CK’s, a bulk buy store that has everything from beer, soda, and juice to car supplies like oil, antifreeze, and wiper replacements. Prices are reasonable, and despite this store being called a bulk-buy, most of the products sold are regular size (although you do have the option to buy it all in bulk). CK’s is also one of the only places on the island to supply Sriracha hot sauce.

MNIB Val-U Garden Mini Super Market

-Location: Excel Plaza, Grand Anse, St. George’s.  The big orange complex halfway between CK’s Super Valu and Le Marquis Complex.  From school, take the grand anse bus and ask the bus drive to stop in front of excel plaza (1 min away from texaco towards IGA)
-Hours: M-Sa 8am-6pm; Su 9am-12pm
-Phone: (473) 439-3353  Mobile: (473) 418-0869

Real Value / IGA

SGU Bus Route A — Grand Anse, (click here for a map of the SGU bus route)

Real Value / IGA Store Hours
Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday – 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Real Vale / IGA in Grenada -- SGU Medical School SupermarketsMost students who live on campus, in True Blue, or in Lance Aux E’pines tend to shop at IGA. This is because of the ease of access to the store via the Grand Anse bus which runs roughly every 15 minutes throughout the day. For those with cars, Real Value / IGA is a convenient place to shop with a large parking lot and its close proximity to off-campus student housing.

Most everything you can find at and IGA in the U.S. can also be found here. Cereals, canned goods, deli products, dairy products, etc. In addition, this store supplies Waitrose and Tesco products from the UK, which are affordable and of descent quality.

The store also offers a frequent shopper card which gives you cash back on your purchases — essentially you get a penny for every dollar you spend in the store (EC dollars that is). In order to get your shopper card in time to use it for your first purchase, you must first sign up for the card and then pick it up a few days later. You can fill out the online form here and the card will be ready for pickup within 3 days, or you can wait to sign up for the card in person. I would highly recommend signing up a few days before you get to the island so the card will be waiting for you before your first purchase. A bit of a hassle, but this is the only store on the island with a loyalty shopper program.

Grocery Stores off of SGU Bus Route C — Mont Toute

click here for a map of the SGU bus route


Closed on Sundays

Other grocery stores close to SGU


Private Transportation — Located on Kirane James Blvd, across from Port Loius

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