Thai Spicy Tuna Pastry

Have you ever tried some spicy peanuts? The ones we have here in Grenada are no joke. They’re hot to start and the spice stays on your tongue for a good while after you’re done.

Well, my 2-year-old seems to think they are amazing. How did my kid get ahold of the peanuts? That’s for a whole other post …

His voraciousness for the spicy snack reminded me of some Thai Spicy Tuna a friend once introduced me to. It was sweet and spicy — and it had fish (something a picky toddler does not like to eat). So I thought I’d combine the tuna with a puff pastry.

It seems like anything I put into a bit of dough is gobble up (this even includes vegetables).

So I hope this recipe gets your creative juices flowing (and please share if it does). This recipe would also work with canned chicken, turkey, deli meats — the options are endless.






[gmc_recipe 1382]

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